H.C. Brill logo“The [interpreting] we received was truly remarkable… JapanAmerica was able to relate complicated and industry specific terms to consistent translations that facilitated the business purpose and objectives.”
John Doyle, H.C. Brill

Milliken logo“Because of the excellent quality delivered by JapanAmerica, I was able to get significant returns (12 to 1) on my investment. Many millions of dollars were saved for the company… Having to seek out interpreters is a very tough task when you do not have any experience in doing so, but JapanAmerica made that task very successful and enjoyable. [We] think about JapanAmerica as a very close member of the family and cherish the assignments that they performed for Milliken & Company. JapanAmerica made my job very easy and very successful as the Director of Operational Excellence of a global company.”
David Rowland, Managing Director of Milliken Performance Solutions

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“The Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) award for TPM Excellence Award, recognising our World Class Manufacturing achievements, was achieved through Ms. Winkler’s first class translation services. The quality of translation allowed the JIPM auditors to clearly understand the technical terminologies and methodologies used at our plant. We consider JapanAmerica to have been a key partner in securing recognition of our World Class Manufacturing.”
Jeremy Gorst, WCM Manager, Tetra Pak UK & Ireland

“[JapanAmerica] was always prepared; responded on short notice on several occasions …and [helped us] understand the Japanese ‘culture’ when helping us host our visitors.”
Julie Hines, Tetra Pak USA

Sciele logo small draft

“The interpreter was able to adjust her working style to accommodate the needs of the group and specific attendees. Her flexibility ensured the success of the meeting overall.”
Alexandra Noble, Executive Assistant, Sciele Pharma, Inc.

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“Their work has been a major factor in our training’s success, helping it to become one of the most important events for our program. I confidently recommend JapanAmerica, Inc. as solid and reliable suppliers and experts in their field.”
René Levasseur, Alcoa Canada