Japan America Language Consultation

I am expecting Japanese visitors. What do I do?

We’ll need details; such as the number of visitors, the nature of the visit, and a format of a meeting.  With that information, we can propose the best arrangement for your visit.

Which do I need: simultaneous interpreting or consecutive interpreting?

That will depend on the format of the meeting and other factors such as the purpose, available time for the event, and the budget.  Share your needs, details, and preferences, and we will propose the most appropriate mode of interpreting.
For example, if you are providing a tour of your facility to showcase your operations, a simultaneous interpreter with a portable audio system may be the best option.  A consecutive interpreter may work best if you are presenting financial results to executives.  We will listen to your needs, and help you determine the best option for you.

How do I know my interpreter/linguist is qualified?

Over 20 years of experience in the language solution industry enables JapanAmerica to provide the expertise and insight you can count on.  We assign the best qualified interpreters or linguists available with the necessary experience for the service needed and the subject matter.  You will be working with interpreters / linguists who represent your company professionally.  We are a member of American Translators Association.  

How can I make sure my linguists do their best?

Your help is valuable in helping the linguists do their best.  Reference materials, a briefing, a glossary, and your feedback are some of the important elements we ask for before, during, and after the assignment.  Providing reference materials as early as possible will enable adequate preparation time.

I need an interpreter. How much will it cost?

We will be happy to provide an estimate, in writing, once we get details from you such as a location and a duration of the assignment, the number of interpreters necessary, and a schedule for each day.
We will propose the best solution based on the circumstance, but sometimes we may be pressed for a creative solution.  We will brainstorm with you to explore various cost effective solutions.

I will need an interpreter.  How much in advance do I need to book one?

The sooner you contact us, the better so we may start the process of assigning the best qualified interpreter.  An interpreter may be available at the last minute, too.  So don’t despair, and do contact us.

I have an event in the Canary Islands.  Do your interpreters travel?

Our interpreters will travel all over the world when qualified local interpreters are not available, or when you request particular interpreters (as long as they are available).

Can you help me remotely?

We offer several options for remote solutions.  Teleconference interpreting and assistance, email communication support, and translation support are some of the solutions we propose.  These remote solutions work well because of their flexibility and cost effectiveness.  You can explore the best solution for you by sharing with us your goal and preferences.