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“We consider JapanAmerica to have been a key partner in securing recognition of our World Class Manufacturing.”
Jeremy Gorst, WCM Manager, Tetra Pak UK & Ireland

Experts in Japanese and English Interpreting and Translation

For over 20 years, JapanAmerica, Inc. continues to be the source for facilitating seamless business and legal communication between English and Japanese speakers.

We pride ourselves on assigning the best person available for every assignment.  Focusing exclusively on Japanese and English languages provides for unmatched assistance in assessing the solutions for your communication needs.

Whether it be corporate visits, board meetings, negotiations, depositions, witness preparations or trials, our history is one of assisting every client to accomplish their objectives.

Extensive Experience inTPM for Kaizen makes JapanAmerica, Inc. unique among typical language support services.

  • Personal attention
  • Excellent cost benefit
  • Utmost commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Highly accessible and responsive
  • Highly qualified linguists
  • Attentive to detail
  • Exceeding expectations